HPE 5-Year TC Bas WDMR DL360 GEN10 Service PL-96

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Manufacturer Part#  HS7W4E

Provantage Code:  HPEC0XU

Condition:  Factory New

  • Service Type: Maintenance
  • Service Duration: 5 Year
  • Service Description: 9x5xNext Business Day

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HPE HS7W4E Specifications

    5-Year TC Bas WDMR DL360 GEN10 Service PL-96

Product Supported

    HPE 867960R-B21, P01880R-B21, P01938-S01, P01939-S01, P01940-S01, P01941-S01, P01942-S01, P01943-S01, P01944-S01, P02721-AA1, P02722-291, P02722-AA1, P02722R-B21, P02723-291, P02723-AA1, P02723R-B21, P03629-291, P03629-AA1, P03629R-B21, P03630-291, P03630-AA1, P03630R-B21, P03631-291, P03631-AA1, P03631R-B21, P03632-291, P03632-AA1, P03632R-B21, P03633-291, P03633R-B21, P03634-291, P03634R-B21, P03635-291, P03635-B21, P03635R-B21, P05520-291, P06453-291, P06454R-291, P06454R-B21, P06455-291, P06455R-B21, P08310-B21, P08311-B21, P08312-B21, P08313-B21, P19176-291, P19176-B21, P19176R-B21, P19177-291, P19177-B21, P19177R-B21, P19178-291, P19178-B21, P19178R-B21, P19179-291, P19179-B21, P19179R-B21, P19180-291, P19180-B21, P19180R-B21, P19765-B21, P19766-B21, P19766R-B21, P19767-B21, P19768-B21, P19769-B21, P19770-B21, P19771-291, P19771-B21, P19771R-B21, P19772-291, P19772-B21, P19772R-B21, P19773-291, P19773-B21, P19774-291, P19774-B21, P19774R-B21, P19775-291, P19775-B21, P19775R-B21, P19776-291, P19776-B21, P19776R-B21, P19777-291, P19777-B21, P19777R-B21, P19778-291, P19778-B21, P19778R-B21, P19779-291, P19779-B21, P19779R-B21, P19780-291, P23575-AA1, P23577-291, P23577-AA1, P23577-B21, P23578-291, P23578-AA1, P23578-B21, P23579-291, P23579-AA1, P23579-B21, P24740-291, P24740-B21, P24741-291, P24741-B21, P24742-291, P24742-B21, P24743-291, P24743-B21, P24744-291, P24744-B21, P36183-291, P36183-B21, P40399-B21, P40400-B21, P40401-B21, P40402-B21, P40403-B21, P40404-B21, P40405-B21, P40406-B21, P40407-B21, P40408-B21, P40409-B21, P40636-B21, P40637-B21, P40638-B21, Q8T66A, Q8T66AR, Q8T67A, Q8T68A, Q8T68AR, Q8T69A, Q8T70A, Q8T71A, Q8Z98A, Q8Z99A, Q9A00A, Q9A01A, Q9F11A, Q9H00A, Q9H01A, Q9H94A, Q9H96A, Q9H97A, Q9H98A, Q9H99A, Q9J05A, Q9J06A, Q9V04C, Q9V04D, Q9V05E, Q9V06D, Q9V06E, R0N49A, R0N50A, R0N51A, R0N52A, R0N54A, R4T05A, R4T06A, R4T07A, R4T08A, R4T09A, R6M48A, R6P86A, R6P87A, R6P88A, R6P89A, R7E80A, R7E83A

Provided Support

    Parts Replacement  –  Repair  –  Phone Support  –  Web Support  –  Knowledge Base Access  –  New Releases Update  –  Remote Diagnosis  –  Visual Remote Guidance  –  Defective Media Retention


Product Name5-Year TC Bas WDMR DL360 GEN10 Service PL-96
Manufacturer Part NumberHS7W4E
Product TypeService
Service Duration5 Year
Service TypeMaintenance
Service LocationOn-site
Service Main TypeMaintenance
Service CharacteristicParts & Labor
Service Response TimeNext Business Day - Parts and Labor
Service Description9x5xNext Business Day
Service NamePointnext Tech Care Basic with Defective Media Retention - Extended Service
The Following Are Compatible With HPE HS7W4E

HPE DL360 G10 4208 MR416I-A 8SFF BC Server PL-Sy

Mfg Part# P56955-B21

HPE DL360 G10 4210R MR416I-A 8SFF BC Server PL-Sy

Mfg Part# P56956-B21

HPE DL360 GEN10 5218R 1P 32G NC 8SFF Server

Mfg Part# P56952-B21

HPE DL360G10 6226R 1P 32G NC 8SFF BC Server

Mfg Part# P56953-B21

HPE DL360G10 6248R 1P 32G NC 8SFF BC Server

Mfg Part# P56954-B21

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