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600 Ohm Isolation Transformer

Top Seller#VMT-2 — Isolation Transformer – 1 Year – Wall Mountable


Bogen Communications

Hanging Pendant Speaker Black 70V

Top Seller#MPS1B — Speaker – MPS1 – 2 Year – 50 Hz – 50 W



1-Zone Talkback

Top Seller#V-9941A
Background Music Input Optional Alert Tone and Repeated Alert Tone Transmit And Receive Volume Controls Screw Terminal Connections; ACCESS: 600 ohm Two-Way Page Port on Selected Telephone Systems Electronic Key System C. O. Line Key PBX Loop Start Trunk Port Or Dedicated Single Line Phone Set; Specifications: Input Impedance: 600 ohm; Music Source Impedance: 8 ohm; Music Input Level: 1 to 3 W; Power Requirements: -24 Vdc 300 mA; Shipping Weight: 1.5 lbs (0.86 kg) Dimensions: 7.25in.


Viking Electronics

30 Watt Telecom Paging Amp

The PA-30 can directly drive up to thirty (30) 8 ohm paging speakers or fifty (50) 70 volt paging speakers. The PA-30 provides loud ringing and paging to electronic key systems 1A2 Key systems PABX s as well as No-KSU phones and multiline phones. Paging is accomplished by connecting the PA-30 to a paging port or unused telephone line input (trunk port) of nearly any phone system.


Viking Electronics

Paging Amplifier

For Electronic Key Phones * Broadcasts and amplifies telephone ringing tomes over horn or paging speaker. Amplifies call announce messages and ringing tones when connected to the speaker leads of an electronic telephone * Also useful for expanding the number of speakers connected to PA-2A or CPA-7A...


Monoprice, Inc.

Microphone Isolation Shield

#602650 — Microphone Isolation Panel – Lifetime



Clarity: 8 inch. Ceiling Speaker with 25/70 VLT Trans & Metl Baffle

#S-500 — Speaker – S-500 – White – 65 Hz – Steel Baffle


Viking Electronics

15 Watt Paging Amp for Fxo or FXS

#PA-15 — Paging Amplifier – VK-PA-15



Page Control One-Way 1-Zone with Power & Tone Generator

Background Music Input With Voice Operated Mute Built-In Single and Warble Tone Generator Phantom Zone Allows Paging To All Speakers But Limits Music To Selected Speakers Page Override For Special or Priority Announcements Battery Back-Up Input (VPB-260) Power Built-In UL Listed; ACCESS: Page Port PBX...


Viking Electronics

Weather Proof Horn

#25AE — Speaker – 1 Year – 400 Hz – Surface Mount


Bogen Communications

TBL1S Transformer Balanced Auxiliary

#TBL1S — Transformer Balanced Line Input Module – TBL1S


Bogen Communications

3-Zone PCM Prebuilt with PCMPS2

#PCMSYS3 — Zone Paging System – Wall Mountable
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