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Surface Earbuds Glacier

Top Seller#3BW-00001 — Earset – Surface – In-ear – Glacier – 20 kHz


Bogen Communications

C100 100W Amplifier

Top Seller#C100 — Amplifier – C100 – Classic – 100 W – 12" – 220 W


Diamond Multimedia

Diamond Wireless HDMI USB Powered Extender Kittv Transmitter/ Receiver

Top Seller#VS50 — Video Extender Transmitter/Receiver – 1 Year – VS50 – Wireless – V-Stream


Bogen Communications

TAMB2 Telephone Access Module with PRS2403 Power Supply

Top Seller#TAMB2PS — Telephone Access Module



Avermedia Live Streamer Nexus; Audio Mixer / Creators Control Cente

Top Seller#AX310
AVerMedia Live Streamer NEXUS; Audio Mixer / Creator? s Control Center - AX310...



Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote - Slate

Top Seller#910-004654 — Universal Remote Control – Wireless – 2 Year – 98.43 ft



6 inch RJ45 CAT5E Splitter 2XF/M 10/100 Cable

New Listing#4XCAT5ESPLITTER — Signal Splitter – Lifetime – PVC



Surface Headphones

#MXZ-00001 — Headset – Surface – Wired/Wireless – Light Gray – 20 kHz



3 Zone One-Way Page Control

Accepts Pulse Dial and Tone Dial Background Music Input Automatically Mutes In Zone Being Paged Features Are Programmable Per Zone Built-In Tone Generator Plus 3 Group Zones (V-2006A Only) For Night Ring Time Clock Tone Door Bell Page Override for Special or Priority Announcements Battery Back-Up Input (VPB-260) Power Built-In UL Listed; ACCESS: Page Port on Selected Telephone Systems PBX Loop Start or Ground-Start Trunk Port Electronic or 1A2 Line Key (line card required) or Dedicated Single Line Phone Set; Specifications: Input Impedance: 600 ohm; Music Source Impedance: 4 to 600 ohm; Music Input Level: -10 dBm nominal; DC Output: -24 Vdc @ 1.5A; Power Requirements: 230 Vac/.1A or 120 Vac/2A V-2003A; Shipping Weight: 6.0 lbs; Dimensions: 7.15in.



Station Level Page Adapter

Top Seller#V-9940
Valcomft. s V-9940 Expandable station level page adapter features Full-Featured Paging From Centrex or Standard C. O. Line Can Be Use With Valcom Multi-Zone or Talkback Page Controls Multiple Units can be Linked Together For a Common All Call UL Listed Access: Connects Directly to Selected PBX Station Port Centrex or a C.



Wireless Presenter

#K33373US — Device Remote Control – Wireless – PC – 60 ft



DVT7110 Voicetracer Digital Audio Recorder 3MIC Stereo MP3

Top Seller#DVT7110/00 — Digital Voice Recorder – 1 Year – Portable – Voice Tracer
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