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Fluke Networks

VisiFault Visual Fault Locator

Top Seller#VISIFAULT — Cable Analyzer – VisiFault – AA


Fluke Networks

TS54 Pro LCD Button Test Set Plus TDR Abn with Piercing Pin

Top Seller#TS54-A-09-TDR — Testing Device – TS54 – 9V – 9 V DC


Fluke Networks

Single and MMF Fiber Power Meter Inspect and Cleaning

Top Seller#FTK1475 — Test Kit – China


Fluke Networks

Linkiq Cable and Network Tester

#LIQ-100 — Cable/Network Tester – United States – LinkIQ


Fluke Networks

Intellitone Pro 200 LAN Toner and Probe Kit

#MT-8200-60-KIT — Cable Analyzer – Malaysia – IntelliTone – 9 V DC


Fluke Networks

PRO3000F60-Kit PRO3000F Probe with 60HZ Filter & Tone Generator

#PRO3000F60-KIT — Cable Analyzer – Malaysia – Pro3000 – Proprietary Battery Size


Fluke Networks

Linkiq Tester with Industrial Ethernet Adapter Kit & Probe

#LIQ-KIT-IE — Test Kit – United States


Fluke Networks

MicroScanner2 Cable Verifier

#MS2-100 — Cable Analyzer – Twisted Pair – 1509.19 ft


Fluke Networks

TS19 Test Set with Banana Jacks to Alligator Clips

#19800003 — Telephone Testing Device – 8.8"


Fluke Networks

CableIQ Wiremap Adapter

#CIQ-WM — Testing Device – CableIQ – Wireless Troubleshoot


Fluke Networks

Fiber Optic Cleaning Cube

#NFC-CUBE — Cleaning Wipe


Fluke Networks

CableIQ Copper and Fiber Technicians Kit

#CIQ-FTKSFP — Test Kit
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