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56K USB Fax Modem

  • Top Seller
  • USRobotics
  • #USR5637
  • Data/Fax Modem
  • 2 Year
  • USB
  • Product Model: 5637


56K V.92 PCI Express Fax Modem (PCIe)

  • Top Seller
  • USRobotics
  • #USR5638
  • Data Modem
  • Plug-in Card
  • PCI Express x1
  • USR5638


Courier 56K* V.92 Global Business Modem

  • USRobotics
  • #USR3453C
  • Data/Fax Modem
  • Lifetime
  • Serial
  • USR3453C


56K V.92 Serial Controller Fax Modem

  • USRobotics
  • #USR5686G
  • Data/Fax Modem
  • 2 Year
  • Serial
  • 5686G


USR5639 56K USB Softmodem Black


10/100/100 Copper Aggregation Tap Combines Send & Receive TX

  • USRobotics
  • #USR4503
  • Network Tapping Device
  • 2 Year
  • Twisted Pair
  • Gigabit Ethernet


56K* V.92 PCI Fax Modem

  • USRobotics
  • #USR5670
  • Data/Fax Modem
  • Plug-in Card
  • Limited Warranty: 90
  • USR5670


V.92 Low Profile PCI Modem


USRobotics Call Director

  • USRobotics
  • #USR4000
  • Line Sharing Device
  • Product Model: 4000
  • Number of Phone Line (RJ-11) Ports: 5


USB 3.0 4-Port Hub

  • USRobotics
  • #USR8400
  • USB Hub
  • 1 Year
  • Total Number of USB Ports: 4


All-In-One USB3.0 Card Reader


Courier M2M 3G CDMA/GSM Cellular Gateway with Embedded Serial and G

  • USRobotics
  • #USR3510
  • Modem/Wireless Router
  • 2 Year
  • Courier

USRobotics Product Line Highlights

USRobotics Wireless Networking

Don't let distance or your working environment keep you from staying connected. With no wires to wrestle with, it's easy to put a high-speed network connection wherever you need it.

USRobotics Wired Networking

U.S. Robotics makes networking easy. Share large data files, MP3s, photographs, video files, and more quickly and easily by networking your computers. Boost your networks bandwidth to up to 200 Mbps (full-duplex) for streaming audio/video and high-powered software applications.

USRobotics Modems and Phones

Whether you're looking to connect from your home, office, or on the road, USRobotics has the right modem or phone for you. Features like carrier-loss redial, dial-back security, intelligent auto Install and hot swapping capability make U.S. Robotoics easy to use. Experience the best of the Internet with USR!
About USRobotics
For nearly three decades, U.S. Robotics has been at the forefront of modem technology by connecting users to the Internet. The company was founded in classic tech start-up fashion in an Illinois garage in 1976 and named after the "greatest company in the known galaxy"-U.S. Robot-from the science fiction novel I, Robot by Isaac Asimov.

Chances are your first Internet connection was with U.S. Robotics. Now, they're opening new worlds with wireless networking products for homes and small offices, wireless Internet devices and services, new cable and DSL modems for broadband access, and much more.

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