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AP9335TH Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Top Seller#AP9335TH — Temperature & Humidity Sensor – 5% at 95 to %


Tripp Lite

EnviroSense2 (E2) Environmental Sensor Module

Top Seller#E2MTHDI — Temperature & Humidity Sensor – E2MTHDI



S-400 Electronic Temperature Sensor -30/+70C with cloud Storage inc

#TT-40-0400-2 — Temperature Sensor – S-400 – 158°F (70°C)



AP9335T APC Temperature Sensor

#AP9335T — Temperature Sensor – 5% at 95 to %



LCD Digital Temperature and Humidity Sensor

#AP9520TH — Temperature & Humidity Sensor – ±5%



NetBotz Wireless Temperature & Humidity Sensor

#NBWS100H — Humidity Sensor – Gray



Netbotz Rack Sensor Pod-150

#NBPD0150 — Environmental Monitoring System – NetBotz


Tripp Lite

Envirosense Monitors Extended Temperature/ Humidity/ Inputs Requires SNMP Card

#ENVIROSENSE — Temperature & Humidity Sensor – Taiwan – 6.10"



Environmental Monitoring Probe Gen 2

#EMPDT1H1C2 — Environmental Monitoring Probe – EMPDT1H1C2 – United States



SN-TH Sensor Modular Temperature/ Humidity

#SN-TH — Temperature & Humidity Sensor – SN-TH – 41°F (5°C) to 131°F (55°C)



Temperature Sensor Pro for I-Series Android/ Windows, 02-Series

Temperature Screening, Simplified. - With social distancing and preventative measures being critical, organizations are implementing enhanced safety protocols to help ensure their premises are safer. Elos modular temperature screening hardware supports these efforts. From check-in to access control, simply pair Elos Temperature Sensor with a variety of displays, stands and 3rd-party software to create a contactless self-service solution purpose-built to streamline security administration and increase safety.


Tripp Lite

EnviroSense2 (E2) Environmental Sensor Module, Temperature

#E2MT — Temperature Sensor – Taiwan
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