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Product NameLinksolutions-Kit - Linkrunner AT 2000 + Linksprinter 300 X2
CategoryTesting and Diagnostics Equipment
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Provantage CodeNTAL009
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Abstract LinkSolutions-Kit provides complete end-to-end network connectivity testing and automated reporting to Link-Live Cloud Service. LinkSolutions Kit provides organizations of any size and users with varying skill levels with the right tool for the job. Kit includes LRAT-2000 LinkRunner AT 2000 Network Auto-Tester; LRAT-Holster LinkRunner AT Holster; ...More
Product Type Test Kit
Package Contents
  • LRAT-2000 LinkRunner AT 2000 Network Auto-Tester
  • LRAT-Holster LinkRunner AT Holster
  • LSPRNTR-300 LinkSprinter 300 Network Tester (2-pack)
  • LSPRNTR-Holster LinkSprinter Holster (2-pack)
  • RJ45 Patch Cable (2-pack)
  • WireView WireMapper #1
  • RJ45 Coupler
  • USB cable
  • AC Power Charger with 4 Universal Wall Mount Adapters
  • 4 x AA Alkaline Batteries
  • LinkRunner 2000 Quick-Start Guide
  • LinkSprinter Getting-Started Guide
  • Small Soft Carrying Case with Hand Strap

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