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Enhanced Search Features

You can select products using nearly any attribute, making it a breeze to drill down to precisely the right product you need every time. Start by selecting a category and you'll be presented with all of the available values for each attribute.

Plus, you can sort your results by product features, and display them in either ascending or descending order. A new grid display option allows you to see larger product images than those in the default display.

Making Keyword Queries

Type in a part number, or any of the words contained in a product, manufacturer or category name. By default, QuickFind returns any results where the query words match the beginnings of words in the database. To match exact words, simply surround the word with quotes (""). Please note that letter case is ignored.

Successful Search Results

QuickFind analyzes your keyword query and returns all matching entries. To help narrow your search, additional matching criteria such as manufacturer names, categories, and price ranges, may also be displayed. As you work your way down your search, you will continue to receive additional search options whenever appropriate. You may also choose how your product results are sorted.

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