dtSearch Network with Spider 5-User License

dtSearch Network w/Spider

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dtSearch Product Specifications

    dtSearch Network with Spider 5-User License


    • dtSearch enterprise and developer products instantly search terabytes

    of text, with over 25 different metadata and full-text search options.

    • dtSearch's own document filters support files, emails, databases and

    web data, all with highlighted hits.

    • See dtSearch.com for hundreds of case studies and press reviews, and

    fully-functional evaluations.

    • Developers: dtSearch Engine licenses include SDKs with 64-bit .NET,

    Java and C++ APIs. See dtSearch.com for available platforms, advanced articles on faceted search, MS Azure, SQL/NoSQL/ SharePoint, etc. See also

    dtsearch.com/ contact.html for royalty-free licensing -- then contact the

    Provantage sales team for best pricing.


    Note: Pricing is non-concurrent.

    For example, a 100-seat license covers up to 100 individual users in a single organization operating either in a shared network environment or as separate users (e.g. for laptops). In a terminal server environment, each terminal server user counts as a separate user. In addition to the number of specified user computers, dtSearch network multi-user licenses cover usage of the software on a single additional machine for indexing and/or a single additional computer for shared network index access. All other installations for either indexing or searching including temporary forensics and e-discovery installations require additional licenses. (Requires Windows)


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