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TSC Printers

M23, Front Cover Release Knob, Right



TSC Printers

Top Cover Assembly, Latam Only



Star Micronics

POS Printer - Splash Proof Cover (TSP650, TSP100U, TSP100LAN & TSP1

For TSP650, TSP700, TSP100U, TSP100LAN & TSP100BT - Guard your POS printers against everyday spills and splashes with Star Micronics’ splash-proof covers. Specifically designed for demanding hospitality and retail environments, these covers ensure uninterrupted operation, maximizing uptime and reducing maintenance costs.



Transparent Top Cover

Cover - Country of Origin: China - Height: 6.3" - Width: 23.9" - Depth: 22.6" - Compatibility: Raise3D Printers: - Pro2 - Pro2 Plus - N Series - - -


TSC Printers

Top Right Side Cover

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