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Syba Floppy Drive Sy-USB-FDD USB 2.0 3.5 inch High Density Retail
Floppy/Zip Drives.  Floppy Drive - Interface Type: USB - Storage Capacity: 1.44 MB - Height: 0.7" - Width: 4.1" - Depth: 5.9" - Media Supported: 1.44 MB - Form Factor: 3.50 - Interfaces/Ports: USB 2.0 - USB - Platform Supported: PC - Mac - -
SYBA Multimedia, IncManuf part# SY-USB-FDD


58 In Stock

1 Port PCIE EPP ECP Si-PEX10010 with Full & Low Profile Brackets
Serial/Parallel I/O Adapters.  Based on WCH382l chipset, which adds a legacy Parallel port to computer for external peripheral device such as printer, and industrial automation applications, which keeps old printer running.
SYBA Multimedia, IncManuf part# SI-PEX10010

Mfr List: $23.99
Save 23%

15 In Stock

Syba Accessory Sy-ACC65034 145-Piece Computer Tool Kit Retail
Various Accessories.  Repair Kit - -
SYBA Multimedia, IncManuf part# SY-ACC65034

Mfr List: $65.00
Save 40%

17 In Stock

SD-ADA31040 VGA to HDMI Plug & Play Converter with Support
Audio / Video Cables.  This is an integrated VGA & Audio to HDMI converter. Allows you to enjoy your games, movies, and other media on your HDTV with a high quality transfer rate and easy to use installation.
SYBA Multimedia, IncManuf part# SD-ADA31040

Mfr List: $24.99
Save 6%

5 In Stock

50 Piece Computer Network Toolkit Modular Crimper/Multi- Cable Tester
Cabling Components.  Allows network technician to install, maintain, and troubleshoot complex networks. This tool kit accommodates a range of cabling types, termination and connector systems.
SYBA Multimedia, IncManuf part# SY-ACC65047

Mfr List: $44.99
Save 26%

147 In Stock

Syba Accessory CL-ADA31002 Connector Converter DVI Male to VGA Female Retail
Various Accessories.  Video Adapter - Adapter Type: VGA/DVI - Connector on First End: 1 x 29-pin DVI (Dual-Link) Male Video - Connector on Second End: 1 x 15-pin HD-15 Female VGA - Green Compliant: Yes - Green Compliance Certificate/Authority: RoHS - Package Type: ...
SYBA Multimedia, IncManuf part# CL-ADA31002

Mfr List: $4.99
Save 3%

1 In Stock

Syba Si-PEX15037 2 Serial Ports PCI-E Controller Card W Low Profile Bracket
Various I/O and Storage Controllers.  Easily add 2 Serial ports to full tower computer case or 1 port to slim server chassis
SYBA Multimedia, IncManuf part# SI-PEX15037

Mfr List: $19.99
Save 8%

37 In Stock

USB2.0 Stereo Sound Adapter Add Stereo Output Mono Input LED
Sound Cards.  Adapter - Connector on Second End: 2 x Mini-phone Female Audio - Adapter Type: USB/Mini-phone - Connector on First End: 1 x Type A Male USB 2.0 USB - Green Compliant: Yes - Green Compliance Certificate/Authority: RoHS - Number of Ways: 2-way ...
SYBA Multimedia, IncManuf part# SD-CM-UAUD

Mfr List: $19.99
Save 49%

237 In Stock

Syba Accessory Sy-ACC65065 Foot Rest with Metal Support Push-to-Tilt Sides BK
Various Accessories.  Give your feet the support they need! This ergonomically designed foot rest comes with a comfortable massage function. It can quickly tilt up to a 40 degree angle. Easy set up in no-time to provide rapid comfort for your feet anywhere.
SYBA Multimedia, IncManuf part# SY-ACC65065

Mfr List: $18.99
Save 27%

91 In Stock

Syba IO Card SD-PEX10005 1 Port Parallel PCIEX1 Card Retail
Various I/O and Storage Controllers.  Parallel Adapter - Number of Ports: 1 - Host Interface: PCI Express x1 - Ports: 1 x IEEE 1284 Parallel - Green Compliant: Yes - Green Compliance Certificate/Authority: RoHS - Height: 6" - Width: 7" - Form Factor: Low-profile Plug-in Card - ...
SYBA Multimedia, IncManuf part# SD-PEX10005

Mfr List: $21.99
Save 14%

180 In Stock

2.5 inch SATA to Msata SSD Adapter Replace Hard Drive Inside The Laptop
SYBA Multimedia, IncManuf part# SD-ADA40077

Mfr List: $24.99
Save 30%

92 In Stock

Syba Accessory CL-U2MNHUB-4B 4 Port USB2.0 Mini Hub Retail
Various Accessories.  USB Hub - Total Number of USB Ports: 4 - Form Factor: External - Host Interface: USB - Product Model: CL-U2MNHUB-4B - Number of USB 2.0 Ports: 4 - Platform Supported: PC - Mac - -
SYBA Multimedia, IncManuf part# CL-U2MNHUB-4B

Mfr List: $10.99
Save 6%

67 In Stock

Syba Controller Card SD-SATA-1E1I 4 Port PCIE Serial DB9 2.5GB S Retail
SAS / SCSI / RAID Controllers.  Serial ATA Controller - Form Factor: Plug-in Card - Number of Ports: 1 - Host Interface: PCI - Ports: 1 x 7-pin Serial ATA/150 External SATA - 1 x 7-pin Female Serial ATA/150 Serial ATA Internal - Drive Type: Serial ATA/300 - Data Transfer ...
SYBA Multimedia, IncManuf part# SD-SATA-1E1I


11 In Stock

2 Port PCI RS232 16C550 DB9 IRQ Sharing 1MB/S 32-Bit Serial Card
Serial/Parallel I/O Adapters.  Serial Adapter - Form Factor: Plug-in Card - Number of Ports: 2 - Host Interface: PCI - Ports: 2 x 9-pin DB-9 RS-232 Serial - Data Transfer Rate: Up to 8 Mbps - Platform Supported: PC - UART Type: 16C550 - 16C650 - 16C750 - 16C850 - Limited ...
SYBA Multimedia, IncManuf part# SY-PCI15004

Mfr List: $19.99
Save 23%

14 In Stock

Syba IO Card SD-Via-5U 5 x Port USB2.0 PCI Via Chipset Retail
Various I/O and Storage Controllers.  4 external ports and 1 internal port PCI controller card based on VIA VT6212 chipset
SYBA Multimedia, IncManuf part# SD-VIA-5U


95 In Stock

Syba IO Card SD-PEX15022 2 Port Serial RS-232 PCIEX1 Card Retail
Various I/O and Storage Controllers.  Serial Adapter - Number of Ports: 2 - Host Interface: PCI Express x1 - Ports: 2 x 9-pin DB-9 RS-232 Serial - Green Compliant: Yes - Green Compliance Certificate/Authority: RoHS - Height: 6" - Width: 7" - Form Factor: Low-profile Plug-in ...
SYBA Multimedia, IncManuf part# SD-PEX15022

Mfr List: $28.99
Save 23%

83 In Stock

9.5 inch HDMI to VGA Adapter with Stereo Audio Support USB Powered
Audio / Video Cables.  Enables HDMI devices such as video game Console, Blu-ray player, Camcorder, Laptop PC, iMAC, and Tablet PC to your VGA monitor with Audio
SYBA Multimedia, IncManuf part# CL-ADA31037

Mfr List: $28.99
Save 37%

69 In Stock

USB 3.02 Port USB 3.0 PCI-Express Card Full & Low Profile Brackets
Serial/Parallel I/O Adapters.  This PCI-Express 2.0 to USB3.0 Host Controller Card supports Super Speed USB3.0 standard. Operating at 5 GBps full-duplex mode. This card is 10 times faster than USB2.0 High-Speed(480 Mbps) and is also backwards compatible with current USB2.0 ...
SYBA Multimedia, IncManuf part# SD-PEX20158

Mfr List: $20.99
Save 27%

16 In Stock

CL-AUD63032 Headset 3.5MM 58 inch Circumaural Lightweight Purple/White
Various Music Devices.  Colors match your taste. The lightweight design ensures excellent comfort for hours of use. Compatible with any device that features a 3.5mm outputs.
SYBA Multimedia, IncManuf part# CL-AUD63032

Mfr List: $14.99
Save 14%

36 In Stock

Sy-ADA15039 USB to Serial (DB9 RS232) Adapter for Windows 8 7 Vista XP
Computer Cables.  This USB to Serial Port Adapter provides a simple and easy way to make a bi-directional bridge between USB bus and serial port peripheral device. Ideal for PDAs, digital cameras, GPS units, barcode scanners, and other equipment offer only serial ...
SYBA Multimedia, IncManuf part# SY-ADA15039

Mfr List: $12.99
Save 13%

7 In Stock

USB 3.0Syba IO Card SD-PEX20133 USB 3.0 4 Port PCIE Vli VL80X Chip Maximum 5GBPS RTL
USB 3.0 Adapters.  Small form factor with explosive speed! Faster and more efficient specification. Now, you can transfer large files, and video in 1/10th of the time.
SYBA Multimedia, IncManuf part# SD-PEX20133

Mfr List: $22.99
Save 3%

7 In Stock

SD-CF-IDE-DI Adapter IDE Windows/Macintosh CF
Various Flash Devices.  Connecting a compact flash memory card to a 3.5
SYBA Multimedia, IncManuf part# SD-CF-IDE-DI

Mfr List: $18.99
Save 31%

60 In Stock

Syba Si-PEX50054 2 Serial 1 Parallel PCIE with Low Profile Brackets Retail
Various I/O and Storage Controllers.  Easily add 2 Serial ports and 1 Parallel Port to a full tower computer case or 1 Serial and 1 Parallel ports to a slim server chassis
SYBA Multimedia, IncManuf part# SI-PEX50054

Mfr List: $21.99
Save 25%

Out of Stock

CL-AUD63074 Lightweight Headset with Boom Microphone Volume Control
Various Music Devices.  Lightweight design. Great for phone operators, at home business calls, or everyday calls.
SYBA Multimedia, IncManuf part# CL-AUD63074

Mfr List: $11.99
Save 9%

59 In Stock

Syba Si-PEX24038 1 Port Gigabit Ethernet PCIE Card Standard & Low Profile Bracket
Network Interface Cards.  This card is the best solution for Gigabit Ethernet PCI Express! Its interface has a potential transfer rate of 2.5Gbps using a single-lane PCI Express link. This card is a 10/100/1000M card which is specifically designed to seat into a desktop ...
SYBA Multimedia, IncManuf part# SI-PEX24038

Mfr List: $14.99
Save 12%

31 In Stock

Syba Cable Sy-USB-PS2 Split an USB into PS 2 Keyboard Mouse Ports Adapter RTL
IDE Drive Cables.  The USB to PS/2 adapter allows user to use PS/2 compatible mouse and keyboard as USB compatible device
SYBA Multimedia, IncManuf part# SY-USB-PS2


57 In Stock

Syba IO Card Sy-PEX24028 PCIE 2.5GBPS IEEE802.3 10 100 1000M
Various I/O and Storage Controllers.  The architecture is a cost-effective, low-pin count, and point-to-point technologies offering maximum bandwidth, reducing cost and design complexity and enabling smaller form factors. It provides throughput and connectivity at Gigabit speeds up to ...
SYBA Multimedia, IncManuf part# SY-PEX24028

Mfr List: $60.99
Save 43%

50 In Stock

Syba IO Card SD-NECU2-5E1I 6-Port (5+1) USB 2.0 PCI Card NEC
Various I/O and Storage Controllers.  NEC 720101 USB 2.0 PCI Controller Card
SYBA Multimedia, IncManuf part# SD-NECU2-5E1I

Mfr List: $14.99
Save 18%

13 In Stock

Syba Controller Card SD-SATA150R 2 Port SATA RAID PCI with Software Retail
Serial/Ultra ATA Controllers.  PCI 2-channel Serial-ATA host controller card. With optional software RAID function. The most popular version of 2-channel Serial-ATA host controller add-on card, with optional RAID 0, 1 function.
SYBA Multimedia, IncManuf part# SD-SATA150R

Mfr List: $34.99
Save 46%

20 In Stock

USB 3.04 Port USB 3.0 Hub Up to 5GBPS Data Transfer/Hot- Swap
USB/Firewire Adapters.  USB 3.0 is poised to become mainstream. Our 4 ports USB 3.0 Hub is offering 4 extension ports for USB 3.0 and backwards compatible with both USB 1.1 and 2.0 specifications. Once an USB 3.0 device is attached to PC via this Hub, user will be enjoying ...
SYBA Multimedia, IncManuf part# SY-HUB20062

Mfr List: $29.99
Save 19%

55 In Stock

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