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Syba Floppy Drive Sy-USB-FDD USB 2.0 3.5 inch High Density Retail
Floppy/Zip Drives.  Product Type: Floppy Drive - Technical InformationStorage Capacity: 1.44 MB - Interfaces/PortsInterfaces/Ports: USB 2.0 - USB - Storage MediaMedia Supported: 1.44 MB - Physical CharacteristicsHeight: 0.7" - Width: 4.1" - Depth: 5.9" - Form ...
SYBA Multimedia, IncManuf part# SY-USB-FDD


17 In Stock

USB2.0 Stereo Sound Adapter Add Stereo Output Mono Input LED
Sound Cards.  Product Type: Audio Adapter - Technical InformationAdapter Type: USB/Mini-phone - Connector on First End: 1 x Type A Male USB 2.0 USB - Connector on Second End: 2 x Mini-phone Female Audio - MiscellaneousGreen Compliant: Yes - Green Compliance ...
SYBA Multimedia, IncManuf part# SD-CM-UAUD

Mfr List: $19.99
Save 55%

51 In Stock

Syba Accessory Sy-ACC65034 145-Piece Computer Tool Kit Retail
Various Accessories.  Product Type: Repair Kit - MiscellaneousPackage Contents: - 5" Wire Cutter/Stripper - 8" Crimping Tool - Brush - Soldering Iron - Solder Wick - Solder Reel - 9 x Hollow Star: T8H, T10H, T15H, T20H, T25H, T27H,T30H, T35H, T40H - 6 x Hex Key: 5/64 - ...
SYBA Multimedia, IncManuf part# SY-ACC65034

Mfr List: $65.00
Save 37%

15 In Stock

USB 3.0Syba IO Card SD-PEX20137 USB 3.0 3+1 Port PCIE Card free LP Bracket WHQL Retail
USB 3.0 Adapters.  Easily add 3 external and 1 internal USB 3.0 Super-Speed ports to any desktop computer with an available PCI-e slot.
SYBA Multimedia, IncManuf part# SD-PEX20137

Mfr List: $19.99
Save 11%

19 In Stock

8 inch Sy-ADA31025 VGA to HDMI with Audio Support Converter/Adapter
Various Cables.  Enjoy better display quality on new LED monitor and TV. Save energy too.
SYBA Multimedia, IncManuf part# SY-ADA31025

Mfr List: $40.99
Save 33%

75 In Stock

Syba IO Card SD-PEX15022 2 Port Serial RS-232 PCIEX1 Card Retail
Various I/O and Storage Controllers.  Product Model: SD-PEX15022 - Product Type: Serial Adapter - Technical InformationHost Interface: PCI Express x1 - Platform Supported: PC - Physical CharacteristicsForm Factor: Plug-in Card - Card Height: Low-profile - Height: 6" - Width: 7" - ...
SYBA Multimedia, IncManuf part# SD-PEX15022

Mfr List: $28.99
Save 38%

12 In Stock

2.5" SATA 3 to M.2 (NGFF) SSD Enclosure with Complete Screw Set
Drive Cabinets.  SYBA ADA40092 utilizes your M.2 SSD to upgrade your system for faster performance and reliability. This enclosure will allow you to connect your M.2 SSD to a SATA-3 interface to create your own standard 2.5" SSD. Create a new boot drive for your ...
SYBA Multimedia, IncManuf part# SY-ADA40092

Mfr List: $29.99
Save 17%

15 In Stock

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Syba SD-MPE24031 miniPcie GbE Ethernet W RJ45 10 100 1000 Base-T NTW LAN Card
SYBA Multimedia, IncManuf part# SD-MPE24031

Mfr List: $31.99
Save 31%

2 In Stock

SD-AUD20066 USB 2.0 Type-A to Stereo Jack Mono Microphone Input Adapter
Audio / Video Cables.  The USB Stereo Sound Adapter is a highly flexible audio interface which can be used either with desktop or notebook systems. No drivers required, just plug and play for instant audio playback, also compatible with all major operating systems.
SYBA Multimedia, IncManuf part# SD-AUD20066


59 In Stock

SYBA Dual M.2 SSD to SATA 3 RAID Enclosure with Screw Set
Drive Cabinets.  SYBA SY-ADA40091 utilizes your M.2 SSD to upgrade your system for faster performance and reliability. This enclosure will allow you to connect two of your M.2 SSD to a SATA III interface to create your own standard 2.5" SSD in RAID. Use the RAID ...
SYBA Multimedia, IncManuf part# SY-ADA40091

Mfr List: $59.99
Save 4%

17 In Stock

USB 3.0Syba Accessory Sy-ADA20079 USB 3.0 to SATA Device Adapter Cable with AC Retail
Various Accessories.  It turns an old or new SATA I, II, III hard drive and optical device into a convenient external device and up to USB 3.0 speed
SYBA Multimedia, IncManuf part# SY-ADA20079

Mfr List: $38.99
Save 34%

15 In Stock

2.5 inch SATA to Msata SSD Adapter Replace Hard Drive Inside The Laptop
Storage Accessories.  This 2.5" SATA to mSATA SSD adapter is an economical choice to use mSATA SSD as a 2.5" SATA storage device. Once being installed into PC/Laptop, the mSATA SSD appears as an ordinary SATA storage to any BIOS/OS and can be configured as a bootable ...
SYBA Multimedia, IncManuf part# SD-ADA40077

Mfr List: $24.99
Save 26%

22 In Stock

Multimedia mSATA SSD to 2.5" SATA Adapter
Various Accessories.  MSATA SSD to 2.5" SATA AdapterThis adapter will allow users to replace their laptop PC 2.5" SATA HD with mSATA SSD. mSATA SSD can reduce boot time, increase system benchmark performance, and provide longer laptop battery life. This adapter fits ...
SYBA Multimedia, IncManuf part# SY-ADA40050

Mfr List: $18.99
Save 20%

47 In Stock

Syba IO Card SD-PEX10005 1 Port Parallel PCIEX1 Card Retail
Various I/O and Storage Controllers.  Product Model: SD-PEX10005 - Product Type: Parallel Adapter - Technical InformationHost Interface: PCI Express x1 - Platform Supported: PC - Physical CharacteristicsForm Factor: Plug-in Card - Card Height: Low-profile - Height: 6" - Width: 7" ...
SYBA Multimedia, IncManuf part# SD-PEX10005


20 In Stock

12 In 1 Mini Screwdriver Set for Gadget Repairs
Cabling Components.  Pocket sized handy tool kit for repairing eyeglasses and jewelry. It is also a great kit for changing watch and toy batteries.
SYBA Multimedia, IncManuf part# SY-ACC65066

Mfr List: $16.99
Save 18%

Out of Stock

Syba IO Card SD-PEX15011 4 Port Serial RS-232 PCIEX1 Card Retail
Various I/O and Storage Controllers.  Product Model: SD-PEX15011. - Package Type: Retail - Product Type: Multiport Serial Adapter - Technical InformationHost Interface: PCI Express x1 - Data Transfer Rate: Up to 250 Kbps - Interfaces/PortsPorts Expandability: 4 x 9-pin DB-9 RS-232 - ...
SYBA Multimedia, IncManuf part# SD-PEX15011

Mfr List: $49.99
Save 46%

40 In Stock

Notebook Security Lock Universal and Shear Resistant
Alarms and Locks.  Product Model: CL-NBK65016 - Product Type: Cable Lock - LockLock Configuration Type: Keyed Lock - Cable Length: 3.33 ft - Physical CharacteristicsHeight: 2.5" - Length: 9" - MiscellaneousPackage Contents: - Notebook Security Cable Lock - 2 x ...
SYBA Multimedia, IncManuf part# CL-NBK65016

Mfr List: $14.99
Save 20%

34 In Stock

USB 3.0Syba Accessory CL-HUB20113 USB 3.0 2 Port 3.5 inch Front Panel
Various Accessories.  Easily add two USB 3.0 ports to the front of a computer (from motherboard built-in 20-pin header) Plug and Play compatible, no Driver needed.
SYBA Multimedia, IncManuf part# CL-HUB20113


5 In Stock

Syba cc Si-PEX40064 4 Port SATA III 5GB S PCIE with Full Low Profile Brackets RTL
Serial/Ultra ATA Controllers.  IOCREST newest card with advance Marvell 88SE9215 Chipset single chip 4-port Gen III 6Gb/s host controller.
SYBA Multimedia, IncManuf part# SI-PEX40064

Mfr List: $44.99
Save 22%

30 In Stock

Syba Accessory CL-U2MNHUB-4B 4 Port USB2.0 Mini Hub Retail
Various Accessories.  Product Model: CL-U2MNHUB-4B - Product Type: USB Hub - Technical InformationHost Interface: USB - Interfaces/PortsTotal Number of USB Ports: 4 - Number of USB 2.0 Ports: 4 - Physical CharacteristicsForm Factor: External - MiscellaneousPlatform ...
SYBA Multimedia, IncManuf part# CL-U2MNHUB-4B

Mfr List: $10.99
Save 1%

22 In Stock

Laptop Serial RS232PORT Notebook Expresscard Bus MCS9901
Serial/Parallel I/O Adapters.  Product Model: SD-EXP15005 - Product Type: Serial Adapter - Technical InformationHost Interface: ExpressCard/34 - Platform Supported: PC - Mac - Physical CharacteristicsForm Factor: Plug-in Module - MiscellaneousPackage Contents: - SD-EXP15005 ...
SYBA Multimedia, IncManuf part# SD-EXP15005

Mfr List: $27.00
Save 18%

42 In Stock

Syba Cable Sy-PEX40039 Mini Displayport to HDMI DVI DP 3-In-1 Converter Retail
IDE Drive Cables.  Engaged in High Speed I/O solution development, this card enables Serial ATA PHY up to 6Gbps high speed interface, following Serial ATA Revision 3.0 specification. Supports Windows Server 2012
SYBA Multimedia, IncManuf part# SY-PEX40039

Mfr List: $19.99
Save 3%

26 In Stock

All Metal CPU Stand/Roller with Casters Beige
Stands and Cabinets.  One of the strongest tower case CPU stands on the market. Easy to assembly
SYBA Multimedia, IncManuf part# SY-ACC65056

Mfr List: $24.99
Save 34%

2 In Stock

CL-AUD63032 Headset 3.5MM 58 inch Circumaural Lightweight Purple/White
Various Music Devices.  Colors match your taste. The lightweight design ensures excellent comfort for hours of use. Compatible with any device that features a 3.5mm outputs.
SYBA Multimedia, IncManuf part# CL-AUD63032

Mfr List: $14.99
Save 13%

3 In Stock

CL-Cm-5008-U Circumaural Ear Hook Headset 3.5MM USB Volume Stereo
Various Music Devices.  Product Line: Connectland - Product Model: CL-CM-5008-U - Product Type: Headset - Technical InformationConnectivity Technology: Wired - Sound Mode: Stereo - Impedance: 32 Ohm - Minimum Frequency Response: 20 Hz - Maximum Frequency Response: 20 ...
SYBA Multimedia, IncManuf part# CL-CM-5008-U

Mfr List: $23.99
Save 14%

3 In Stock

6 inch Sy-ADA33014 Mini Displayprt V1.2 to HDMI V1.4B 4K ADP Audio 3D
Audio / Video Cables.  SYBA SY-ADA33014 connects your mini DisplayPort capable devices directly to your TV and monitor using this adapter. Based off of DisplayPort technology which supports the 4K ultra HD display. Perfect travel cable, easy to carry and pack during ...
SYBA Multimedia, IncManuf part# SY-ADA33014

Mfr List: $29.99
Save 27%

19 In Stock

7.4 inch Displayport to HDMI Port Adapter Cable
Audio / Video Cables.  This adapter allows you to connect aa HDMI equipped display device to a DisplayPort device for superior resolution. The sleek an compact design allows for style and easy on-the-go mobility.
SYBA Multimedia, IncManuf part# CL-ADA33013


5 In Stock

9.5 inch HDMI to VGA Adapter with Stereo Audio Support USB Powered
Audio / Video Cables.  Enables HDMI devices such as video game Console, Blu-ray player, Camcorder, Laptop PC, iMAC, and Tablet PC to your VGA monitor with Audio
SYBA Multimedia, IncManuf part# CL-ADA31037

Mfr List: $28.99
Save 29%

4 In Stock

HDMI Cable
Audio / Video Cables.  Premium quality AV cable for use with HDMI enabled digital displays, projectors, LCD screens, and plasma TVs. Supports high-bandwidth, uncompressed digital video, multi-channel digital audio and control functions
SYBA Multimedia, IncManuf part# SY-HDMI-MM15

Mfr List: $10.99
Save 39%

5 In Stock

IO Crest Displayport to HDMI White Adapter Cable
Audio / Video Cables.  Connect an HDMI equipped device to your Displayport equipped computer. This adapter allows you to connect HDMI monitors and projectors to your Displayport computer to upgrade your current display settings. Take advantage of both HDMI and Displayport ...
SYBA Multimedia, IncManuf part# SI-ADA33015

Mfr List: $14.99
Save 13%

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