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Ip Phone Expansion Module 160X320 graphic LCD (Yealink Branded)

  • Yealink
  • #EXP39
  • EXP39
  • Phone Expansion Module
  • 160 x 320


EXP38 Yealink Branded IP Phone Expansion Module 38 programmable key

  • Yealink
  • #EXP38
  • EXP38
  • Phone Expansion Module
  • WEEE


SIP-T26P Yealink Branded Advanced Ip Phone (with PoE) 3 Sip accounts

Highlight("CTLC06K","Yealink","SIP-T26P",""); -


YHS32 Headset

Highlight("CTLC06Y","Yealink","YHS32",""); -


Ip Phone Wireless Headset Adapter

Highlight("CTLC072","Yealink","EHS36",""); -


SIP-T32G Yealink Branded TI Aries chipset and TI Voice Engine dual-

Highlight("CTLC06V","Yealink","SIP-T32G",""); -


VOIP Analog Terminal Adapter

Highlight("CTLC052","Yealink","821121ATAPAK",""); -


VOIP Analog Terminal Adapter

Highlight("CTLC053","Yealink","821200-ATA-PAK",""); -


(Yealink Branded) Professional Gigabit Ip Phone (with PoE) 3

Highlight("YEAL00Q","Yealink","SIP-T23G",""); -


Ultra-elegant Gigabit Ip Phone 2.7 inch. LCD (Power Supply Not Included-PS5

Highlight("YEAL003","Yealink","SIP-T42G",""); -


Yealink Ultra-elegant Gigabit Ip Phone (Power Supply Not Included)

Highlight("YEAL009","Yealink","SIP-T48G",""); -


Ultra-elegant Gigabit Ip Phone 4.3 inch. Display (Power Supply Not Included-PS

Highlight("YEAL004","Yealink","SIP-T46G",""); -
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