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Provantage has the lowest delivered price on more products than any other online store - even those with so-called "free shipping" offers!

At Provantage, Your Bottom Line is Our Top Priority

Our sophisticated, proprietary pricing systems carefully optimize the price and shipping charges for every product.

This not only results in the lowest possible delivered prices, but also provides the greatest level of savings on multiple item orders. As a result, you can make your purchases from Provantage with the confidence of knowing that you'll always enjoy the best possible bottom-line prices.

Paying for Shipping Actually Saves You Money

We're often asked by our customers why we don't offer free shipping. The hype and promise of free shipping has become pretty common in the online marketplace, so it might seem surprising that we haven't yet jumped on board. The fact is, we strongly believe that "free shipping" is both misleading and costly!

"Free Shipping" Is Never Really Free (It's Just Included in the Price)

When it comes to online shopping, nothing comes free - especially not shipping! Every package delivery service charges for shipping and somebody has to pay for it. Merchants will always pass this shipping cost on to their customers, either by showing it as a separate line item or by incorporating it into their product prices. Either way, the customer still ends up paying for shipping. Only at Provantage, you usually end up paying less for your total order.

Merchants that provide "free shipping" inflate each product's price by a standard delivery fee that covers all destinations and ensures profitability. To avoid potential losses and costly deliveries, this fee tends to be higher than it needs to be.

Psychologically, many customers may feel they're getting the best deal when they see the word "free", even if product prices are higher. Merchants often take advantage of this by raising their product prices by more than the actual shipping cost and therefore charge a higher delivered price than would be offered under a paid shipping model.

You'll Save Even More on Volume Purchases at Provantage

The difference between free and paid shipping becomes very apparent when making bulk purchases, as many of our customers do. At Provantage, products purchased in quantities are usually bundled together to reduce the shipping cost per unit. So the more you buy, the more you save on your order.

This is not the case with merchants who offer "free shipping", as each product has its price increased to account for shipping costs. Therefore, when purchasing multiple units of the same item, their customers end up paying the full shipping cost for each unit instead of paying a reduced rate due to bundling.

While specific numbers for every order vary, the following table provides an example which shows how your Provantage volume shipping savings work.

Competitors with Free Shipping 1 Provantage with Pay for Shipping 2
Quantity PricingTotal Price PricingTotal Price Savings
1 unit $110 + free shipping$110 total $100 + $10 shipping$110 total
2 units $220 + free shipping$220 total $200 + $14 shipping$214 total $6 Savings
5 units $550 + free shipping$550 total $500 + $26 shipping$526 total $24 Savings
10 units $1100 + free shipping$1100 total $1000 + $46 shipping$1046 total $54 Savings
1 Assumes an item with a base price of $100 plus a $10 shipping cost added into the price of every unit.
2 Assumes an item with a base price of $100 with a $10 shipping charge for the first unit and a $4 charge for each additional unit.
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Shipping Information