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Crystal Reports 2008-Windows Nul 1-2


Crystal Reports 2008-Windows Nul 3-9


Crystal Reports 2008 Windows Nul Full Product 10-49 Units


Crystal Reports Server 2008 Linux 5 CAL


Crystal Reports Server 2008 Windows 5 CAL


Crystal Server 2011 5 CAL Enterprise Maintenance - Concurrent


Crystal Server 2011 5 NAMED User License Enterprise Maintenance


Crystal Reports 2011 Windows Named User License - 1 to 2 Licenses, mix



Crystal Reports 2011 Windows Named User License - 10 to 49 Licenses, mi



Crystal Reports 2011 Windows Named User License - 3 to 9 Licenses, mix



Crystal Reports 2011 Windows Named User License - 50 Plus Licenses, mix



Crystal Server 2011 Publisher 5000 Recipients License


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SAP formerly Business Objects Business Intelligence Software

Business Objects products enable organizations to track, understand, and manage enterprise performance. Whether your company has a need for reporting, query and analysis, performance management, or data integration, Business Objects has the tools to maximize your business and help you succeed.

SAP formerly Business Objects Business Intelligence Product Licenses

Business Objects licenses allow you to choose the solution that's right for your company, and get customized software, prepackaged analytics, and deep technical and business expertise. They also offer flexible consulting, education, and support services to help you get the most from your BI solutions.
About SAP formerly Business Objects
Crystal Dimensions - Volume Licensing Program

There is no longer a minimum point entry to be eligible for the Dimensions volume licensing discount program. If you are an existing Dimensions Customer, there is no re-order point requirement for Dimensions orders. Any customer can re-order under their current discount level with no quantity restrictions.

Crystal Dimensions is a volume licensing program that offers customers a convenient way to purchase Business Objects licenses, upgrades and services. Please note: Media is included in an initial licensing order. See the Dimensions Points below:

Level A: 1 Point

Level B: 1,000 Points

Level C: 3,000 Points

Level D: 5,000 Points

Level E: 12,000 Points

What are the advantages of the Dimensions Program?

  • Points-based program with discounts on purchases made over a period of time.
  • The more a customer buys, the greater the discount.
  • Customers are assigned a "discount tier" based on the volume of their purchases, which are tracked by Business Objects.
  • One unique Agreement Number for all company purchases. Other locations and affiliates will accumulate under this number.
  • Upgrade Advantage: worry-free software updates (maintenance) at a great price.

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