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Raritan DLX-108


Raritan DLX-108 1-IP U 8-Port KVM Switch

Manufacturer Part#   DLX-108
Provantage Code:   RAR90L4
UPC Code:   785813620132
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Product Type: KVM Switchbox
  • Number of Computers Supported: 8
  • Maximum Video Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Product Family: Dominion LX
  • Input Voltage: 240 V AC

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Eligible for Big DealsSwitchView SC640 1U 4 Systems USB DVI-I (Dual Link) Audio
KVM Switches.  The Avocent SwitchView SC 600 and SC 700 KVM switch series offers proven, secure access for any desktop environment where security is mandatory. NIAP validated to EAL2+, the secure switch provides multiple levels of physical security, and controlled ...
AvocentManuf part# SC640-001

Mfr List: $795.00
Save 28%

711 In Stock

Eligible for Big DealsSwitchView SC440 1X4 USB/DVI-with Audio CAC Support
KVM Switches.  The Avocent SwitchView SC420, SC440 and SC540 KVM switches offer proven, secure access for any workstation environment where security is mandatory. With USB Common Access Card (CAC) reader support, and controlled USB connectivity, you can consolidate ...
AvocentManuf part# SC440-001

Mfr List: $875.00
Save 25%

4 In Stock

Eligible for Big DealsMergePoint Unity 8 Port 1DIG KVM Path-Dual AC P/S
KVM Switches.  The MergePoint Unity is a next generation KVM over IP switch that also includes advanced serial console management technology. This unique combination provides IT administrators with a complete remote management solution to access and control ...
AvocentManuf part# MPU108EDAC-001

Mfr List: $2125.00
Save 12%

16 In Stock

Eligible for Big Deals4-Port USB VGA IP KVM Switch with Virtual Media
KVM Switches.  This 4-Port rack mountable IP KVM Switch combines industry-leading third-generation Server Remote Control technology with a proven enterprise-class digital KVM switch - allowing secure management of up to 4 computers remotely from almost anywhere, ...
StarTech.comManuf part# SV441DUSBI

Mfr List: $795.99
Save 23%

42 In Stock

2-Port USB 2xVGA USB KVM Switch Dual View Audio Perp Sharing
KVM Switches.  The Dual View GCS1742 USB KVMP Switch brings dual head video functionality to IOGEAR's USB KVM switch technology. Now two dual-display computers can be accessed and controlled from a single console that consists of a USB keyboard, USB mouse, and two ...
IOGEARManuf part# GCS1742


Includes $10 Instant Rebate

22 In Stock

Eligible for Big Deals2 Port Dual DVI USB KVM Switch
KVM Switches.  The SV231DD2DUA 2-port Dual DVI USB KVM Switch allows two PCs, each with dual DVI video outputs, to share two monitors, one microphone and set of speakers, one keyboard and one mouse as well as two other USB peripherals. - An ideal solution for ...
StarTech.comManuf part# SV231DD2DUA

Mfr List: $323.99
Save 30%

327 In Stock

Eligible for Big DealsDKSX2-188 (8 Serial Ports; 8 KVM Ports)
KVM Switches.  The Dominion DKSX2-188 8-Port KVM Switch is an enterprise class, secure digital device that provides a single integrated solution for remote KVM server access and serial device management, as well as power control from anywhere in the world from a ...
RaritanManuf part# DKSX2-188

Mfr List: $2499.00
Save 20%

6 In Stock

GCS1716KIT 16-Port USB PS/2 Combo KVM Switch with Cables
KVM Switches.  The GCS1716 KVM is a combo switch allowing access and control of up to 256 computers from a single console (keyboard, mouse, and monitor). As many as 16 additional switches can be cascaded bringing the total number of connected computers to 256 ...
IOGEARManuf part# GCS1716KIT

Mfr List: $799.95
Save 29%

Out of Stock

Eligible for Big Deals1U 8 System Switch View SC USB-Expanded DVI-I Dual Link
Various Computer Accessories.  Product Line: SwitchView - Product Model: SC380-001 - Product Type: KVM Switchbox - Technical InformationNumber of Computers Supported: 8 - Interfaces/PortsUSB: Yes - DVI: Yes - Number of USB Ports: 9 - Number of DVI Ports: 9 - Other ...
AvocentManuf part# SC380-001

Mfr List: $995.00
Save 28%

24 In Stock

Eligible for Big DealsDLX-116 1-IP U 16-Port KVM Switch
KVM Switches.  Raritan's Dominion LX is the KVM-over-IP switch that provides IT managers in small to midsize business (SMB) environments with local and remote BIOS-level access and control of up to 16 servers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week no matter where you are. ...
RaritanManuf part# DLX-116

Mfr List: $1025.00
Save 36%

7 In Stock

Eligible for Big DealsAutoView 2015 KVM Switch 16-Port
KVM Switches.  The 16-port AutoView 2015 multi-user KVM switch provides user support for USB and/or PS/2 keyboards and mice. The switch also provides support for USB, PS/2, Sun, and serial target devices. - Built for SMB server room environments, the AutoView 2015 ...
AvocentManuf part# AV2015-001

Mfr List: $995.00
Save 39%

121 In Stock

Eligible for Big Deals8 Port USB KVM Switch Kit 1U Rack Mount with Cable
KVM Switches.  The SV831DUSBUK 8-Port Rack Mount USB KVM Switch Kit offers a well-appointed KVM switch that includes all of the cables and accessories required to connect to 8 servers or PCs right out of the box, making setup convenient and simple. - The USB KVM ...
StarTech.comManuf part# SV831DUSBUK

Mfr List: $414.99
Save 28%

356 In Stock

Eligible for Big Deals2-Port StarView Reliable USB KVM/CPU Switch for PC/Macintosh
KVM Switches.  The SV231USB is a reliable StarView KVM switch that combines the simplicity of universal serial bus (USB) technology with the reliability and power of the StarView line of KVM switches. This package comes complete with cables allowing it to be used ...
StarTech.comManuf part# SV231USB

Mfr List: $87.99
Save 36%

1025 In Stock

Eligible for Big Deals16 Port 1-Local with On-Board Web Interface
KVM Switches.  Avocent AutoView digital KVM switches provide access to your servers from any location via the on-board Web browser. Designed for the needs of small to mid size businesses, the appliances also include an analog port for local access so whether your ...
AvocentManuf part# AV3016-001

Mfr List: $1185.00
Save 38%

30 In Stock

Eligible for Big Deals2 Port Quad Monitor Dual-Link DVI USB KVM Switch with Audio & Hub
KVM Switches.  Switch Between Two Computers, each running four displays, while sharing monitors, speakers & microphone, a USB Keyboard and Mouse, and an extra USB peripheral. - The SV231QDVIUA 2-Port Quad Monitor Dual-Link DVI USB KVM Switch allows 2 PCs, each with ...
StarTech.comManuf part# SV231QDVIUA

Mfr List: $679.99
Save 23%

84 In Stock

GCS1644 4-Port Dual View Dual-Link DVI KVMP Switch with Audio & Cables
KVM Switches.  IOGEAR's GCS1644 4-port dual view DVI KVM switch marks a leap in KVM functionality by combining IOGEAR's display emulation technology with the widescreen graphics resolution of today's 30+ inch monitors, supporting dual view / dual link DVI, 2560 x ...
IOGEARManuf part# GCS1644


Includes $40 Instant Rebate

58 In Stock

Eligible for Big Deals4-Port Professional VGA USB KVM Switch with Hub
KVM Switches.  StarTech.coms SV431USB is the reliable solution for server room and industrial computer environments. The SV431USB is a reliable computer management tool that allows you to control multiple computers from one console; minimizing downtime by making ...
StarTech.comManuf part# SV431USB

Mfr List: $117.99
Save 36%

316 In Stock

4-Port Dual View USB 2X VGA KVM Switch Audio USB Peripheral Sharing
KVM Switches.  Share two monitors, one keyboard, and one mouse among multiple computers using IOGEARs dual view KVMs. You can also share speakers, a microphone, and even peripherals such as a printer and external hard drive among the computers.
IOGEARManuf part# GCS1744

Mfr List: $299.95
Save 29%

23 In Stock

Eligible for Big DealsCS2-PENT-PAC 2-Port Compuswitch Pent KVM Bundle with 2 Sixft. Cables
KVM Switches.  The CompuSwitch CS2-PENT KVM Switch offer the reliability and performance of high-end KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) switch products, at a lower price. It is an ideal choice to save time and space for smaller-scale PC environments like branch office ...
RaritanManuf part# CS2-PENT-PAC

Mfr List: $259.00
Save 20%

10 In Stock

Eligible for Big Deals8 Port 1U Rack Mount USB KVM Switch
KVM Switches.  This 8 Port USB KVM Switch offers a dependable computer management tool that allows you to control up to 8 USB-connected computers from one keyboard, mouse and monitor. - The KVM switch offers maximum control, allowing you to switch computers using ...
StarTech.comManuf part# SV831DUSBU

Mfr List: $356.99
Save 31%

148 In Stock

Eligible for Big Deals2 Port USB KVM with Cables and Audio
KVM Switches.  Use one monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers between two USB computers. Now you can add a second computer to your home or office, and access both computers from the same desk space. Switch your monitor easily from one computer to the next by using ...
BelkinManuf part# F1DL102U2

Mfr List: $39.99
Save 29%

36 In Stock

MiniView 8-Port PS/2 KVM Switch RM 4-6FT PS2 Cable 4-10FT PS2 Cable
KVM Switches.  Your business is growing faster than you expected and four computers simply aren't enough to meet your needs? Not a problem. IOGEAR's new 8-port PS/2 KVM is just the tool you need to help reduce the need for redundant hardware. Now you can control up ...
IOGEARManuf part# GCS78KIT

Mfr List: $229.95
Save 37%

3 In Stock

Eligible for Big DealsDesktop KVM Switch - Dual DVI & USB 2-Ports
KVM Switches.  With Belkin's newly redesigned Desktop KVM Switch, you can share your monitor, keyboard, and mouse with up to four USB and PS/2 computers. You can also connect one set of speakers and use them for all your computers. - The Desktop KVM Switch helps to ...
BelkinManuf part# F1DH102D

Mfr List: $399.00
Save 33%

8 In Stock

Eligible for Big DealsSOHO KVM Switch with 2-Port DVI & USB
KVM Switches.  The SOHO 2-Port KVM Switch helps to increase your efficiency and productivity at home or in the office by reducing desktop clutter while keeping access to all of your programs and files spread across multiple computers.
BelkinManuf part# F1DD102L

Mfr List: $189.00
Save 32%

3 In Stock

4 Port USB KVM Switch DVI with DDM & Active DDC
Various Routing / Switching Devices.  Master-IT USB+ uses breakthrough technologies which allow for flexibility and functionality never before seen in a KVM switch. The built-in USB DDM prevents interruptions in communication between shared devices and connected systems /computers. By ...
ConnectPROManuf part# UD-14+KIT

Mfr List: $317.90
Save 17%

9 In Stock

GCS632U MiniView Micro USB PLUS 2-Port KVM Switch with Audio & Cables
KVM Switches.  Introducing the two port MiniView Micro USB PLUS KVM switch from IOGEAR - the simplest way to simultaneously run and share audio among two computers with a single USB keyboard, monitor and USB mouse. This self-powered KVM switch features the unique ...
IOGEARManuf part# GCS632U

Mfr List: $44.95
Save 28%

1235 In Stock

4-Port Symphony KVM Switch
KVM Switches.  IOGEAR's Symphony multi-function 4-Port KVM Switch represents the new wave in KVM technology. The Symphony allows you to control four computers using a single VGA monitor, USB keyboard and mouse. In addition, it has a built-in USB 2.0 hub, Ethernet ...
IOGEARManuf part# GCS1774

Mfr List: $249.95
Save 27%

20 In Stock

Eligible for Big DealsCS22U 2-Port USB Cable KVM Switch
KVM Switches.  What's in the box - 1x CS22U 2-Port USB Cable KVM Switch with Remote port Selector - 1x User Guide -
ATENManuf part# CS22U


76 In Stock

2-Port Dual-Link DVI Cable KVM-Audio Resolution Up to 2560 x 1600
KVM Switches.  The 2-Port USB Dual-Link DVI Cable KVM Switch with Audio from IOGEAR represents a simple method for sharing one dual-link DVI monitor, mouse, keyboard, speaker set and microphone between two computers. The product supports 32 bit color at resolutions ...
IOGEARManuf part# GCS982U

Mfr List: $199.95
Save 32%

21 In Stock

GCS24U 4-Port USB Cable KVM Switch
KVM Switches.  One USB keyboard, USB mouse, and VGA monitor control four computers - Max resolution: 2048 x 1536, DDC2B - Plug-n-Play monitor support - Molded-in cables to simplify setup - Compact design features two attached KVM (USB and VGA) cables - Compatible ...
IOGEARManuf part# GCS24U

Mfr List: $54.95
Save 31%

437 In Stock

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