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Quicken DLX 2015

  • Intuit
  • #424257
  • Quicken 2015 Deluxe


Quicken Home & Business 2015

  • Intuit
  • #424218
  • Quicken 2015 Home & Business


Quicken for Macintosh 2015


Quicken Premier 2015

  • Intuit
  • #424233
  • Quicken 2015 Premier


QuickBooks Accountant 2015

  • Intuit
  • #424444
  • QuickBooks 2015 Accountant Edition


QuickBooks OL Essentials 2015

  • Intuit
  • #432929
  • QuickBooks Online 2015 Essentials


QuickBooks OL Plus 2015

  • Intuit
  • #432930
  • QuickBooks Online 2015 Plus


QuickBooks Pro 2015

  • Intuit
  • #424382
  • QuickBooks Pro 2015
  • Windows


Quicken Starter Edition 2015

  • Intuit
  • #433034
  • Quicken 2015 Starter Edition
  • Windows

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QuickBooks Pro 2016 Pro 2016

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Quicken Deluxe 2016

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QuickBooks Premier 2016 .

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With Intuit Quicken & TurboTax, you can manage your personal finances, do your taxes, buy and sell investments, get a home loan and plan your financial future and more! QuickBooks makes handling business tasks easy. Put your effort into starting, running and growing your business.

Intuit Academic Editions

Academic institutions and individuals must meet Intuit Educational Program requirements. Individuals that qualify include: full or part time students enrolled at accredited higher education institutions granting at least two years of full-time study degrees and full or part time faculty and staff employed by accredited K-12 and higher education institutions Academic Requirements
About Intuit
The Intuit Open License Program provides qualified customers with a simple, cost-effective method for procuring software solutions. With the Intuit Open License Program, customers may receive favorable pricing along with flexible purchase options and centralized license management and tracking.

Program Benefits

  • Streamlined Purchasing - Purchase a customized license certificate instead of multiple boxes.
  • Centralized License Management - the Intuit Open License Program keeps end user organizations legally compliant via a centralized method of procurement.
  • Cost Savings -- Initial order establishes the program level for a two-year period. Higher discounts may be obtained based on larger purchases of products and services.
  • Version Protection -- Customers can ensure that they always have the current version of product by purchasing Version Protection in either one or two-version increments.
  • Add-on Service Offerings - Customers can purchase QBSN Support Management, Payroll Solutions, and Supplies along with product licenses to accumulate more points toward higher Purchase Levels and better pricing.

There are seven "point-based" program levels for the Intuit Open License Program: A, B, C, D, E, F and G. The program level and subsequent pricing that a customer qualifies for is based on the total point value of the initial order. (Certain products carry higher point values than others.) A minimum of 20 purchase points is needed to qualify for Level "A" of the program. The customer's program level is set for two-years during which, re-orders can be placed at the same initial program level (with a 10 point re-order minimum). Once the order process is complete, customers receive a customized license certificate detailing all product licenses and a key-code for each product installation. At least one software media kit is required for each product (but not each license) on every purchase.

Program Levels and Points Breaks:
Level A - 20-99 Points
Level B - 100-199 Points
Level C - 200-499 Points
Level D - 500-999 Points
Level E - 1000-2499 Points
Level F - 2500-4999 Points
Level G - 5000+ Points

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