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LMR 400 Cable 100FT


LMR 400 Cable 50FT

Highlight("CLPH00C","Cellphone-Mate Inc","CM001-50",""); -


Full Band Dome Antenna (3DB) Includes Mounting Kit 700 - 2700 MHz

Highlight("CLPH02A","Cellphone-Mate Inc","CM222W",""); -


LMR 400 Cable 75FT

Highlight("CLPH00F","Cellphone-Mate Inc","CM001-75",""); -


Full Band Outdoor Fiberglass Antenna

Highlight("CLPH028","Cellphone-Mate Inc","CM288W",""); -


Splitter/ Combiner 4 Way

Highlight("CLPH027","Cellphone-Mate Inc","CM-WS-4",""); -


Lightning Protector

Highlight("CLPH005","Cellphone-Mate Inc","CM-LP",""); -


LMR 400 Cable 20FT

Highlight("CLPH009","Cellphone-Mate Inc","CM001-20",""); -


Full Band Panel Antenna Includes Mounting Kit 700 - 2700 MHz

Highlight("CLPH02H","Cellphone-Mate Inc","CM248W",""); -


Full Band Yagi Directional (14DB) Antenna Includes Mounting Kit 700

Highlight("CLPH02J","Cellphone-Mate Inc","CM230-W",""); -


Amplifier 65DB

Highlight("CLPH00Q","Cellphone-Mate Inc","CM1900-65",""); -


Connector N-Male

Highlight("CLPH003","Cellphone-Mate Inc","CM-CN-09",""); -
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