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Arclyte Technologies, Inc. Notebook Battery - TravelMate 2300,2305,2310,2430,4000,4005,4010,4015, 4020

Arclyte Technologies, Inc. N00031

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Arclyte Technologies, Inc.

Model N00031

UPC Code: 609613491436

Provantage Code:  ARCL01A

Condition:  Factory New

  • Product Type: Battery
  • Application/Usage: Notebook
  • Battery Size: Proprietary Battery Size
  • Battery Chemistry: Lithium Ion (Li-Ion)
  • Battery Capacity: 5200 mAh

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Arclyte Technologies, Inc. N00031 Specifications

    Notebook Battery - TravelMate 2300,2305,2310,2430,4000,4005,4010,4015, 4020


    Arclyte's Acer laptop battery is designed to be 100% compatible with your Acer laptop with part number(s)4UR18650F- 1-QC192; 4UR18650F-2-QC140; 4UR18650F-2-QC141; 70N9Q1B1100; 916-2990; 916-3020; 916C2990; 916C3020; 916C4820F; 916C4890F; AHA44122909; BT.00403.004; BT.00403.009; BT.00404.004; BT.00407.001; BT.00407.007; BT.00603.016; BT.00604.007; BT.00607.001; BT.00803.014; BT.00803.017; BT.00805.007; BT.T5003.001; BT.T5003.002; BT.T5005.001; BT.T5005.002; BT.T5007.001; BT.T5007.002; LC.BTP03.003; LIP-4084QUPC; LIP-4084QUPC SY6; SQU-401; SQU-525. Our laptop batteries use only premium lithium Li-ion and Li-Polymer cells which offer quality, longevity, and safety. This battery is guaranteed to fit properly and will meet the performance standards of the original. If you are not satisfied, contact your reseller within 30 days to send the battery back for a refund. For more information please visit Arclyte.com.


General Information
Product NameNotebook Battery - TravelMate 2300,2305,2310,2430,4000,4005,4010,4015,4020
Product ModelN00031
Product TypeBattery
Battery Information
Application / UsageNotebook
Battery RechargeableYes
Battery SizeProprietary Battery Size
Battery ChemistryLithium Ion (Li-Ion)
Battery Capacity5200 mAh
Output Voltage14.8 V DC
Limited Warranty1 Year
Compatible to OEM Part Number
  • 4UR18650F-1-QC192
  • 4UR18650F-2-QC140
  • 4UR18650F-2-QC141
  • 70N9Q1B1100
  • 916-2990
  • 916-3020
  • 916C2990
  • 916C3020
  • 916C4820F
  • 916C4890F
  • AHA44122909
  • BT.00403.004
  • BT.00403.009
  • BT.00404.004
  • BT.00407.001
  • BT.00407.007
  • BT.00603.016
  • BT.00604.007
  • BT.00607.001
  • BT.00803.014
  • BT.00803.017
  • BT.00805.007
  • BT.T5003.001
  • BT.T5003.002
  • BT.T5005.001
  • BT.T5005.002
  • BT.T5007.001
  • BT.T5007.002
  • LC.BTP03.003
  • LIP-4084QUPC
  • LIP-4084QUPC SY6
  • SQU-401
  • SQU-525
CompatibilityAspire 1410 ; Aspire 1411; Aspire 1411WLMi; Aspire 1412; Aspire 1412LC; Aspire 1412LCi; Aspire 1412LM; Aspire 1412LMi; Aspire 1412WLMi; Aspire 1413; Aspire 1413LC; Aspire 1413LM; Aspire 1413LMi; Aspire 1413WLMi; Aspire 1414; Aspire 1414L; Aspire 1414LC; Aspire 1414LM; Aspire 1414LMi; Aspire 1414WLCi; Aspire 1414WLMi; Aspire 1415; Aspire 1415LMi; Aspire 1640 ; Aspire 1640LC; Aspire 1641; Aspire 1641LM; Aspire 1641LMi; Aspire 1641WLMi; Aspire 1642; Aspire 1642WLMi; Aspire 1650 ; Aspire 1651 ; Aspire 1651NWLCi; Aspire 1651WLCi; Aspire 1651WLMi; Aspire 1652 ; Aspire 1652WLMi; Aspire 1654 ; Aspire 1654WLMi; Aspire 1680 ; Aspire 1680WLCi; Aspire 1680WLM; Aspire 1681; Aspire 1681LC; Aspire 1681LCi; Aspire 1681LMi; Aspire 1681W; Aspire 1681WLC; Aspire 1681WLM; Aspire 1681WLMi; Aspire 1682; Aspire 1682LCi; Aspire 1682LMi; Aspire 1682WLC; Aspire 1682WLCi; Aspire 1682WLM; Aspire 1682WLMi; Aspire 1683; Aspire 1683LMi; Aspire 1683WLM; Aspire 1683WLMi; Aspire 1684; Aspire 1684WLMi; Aspire 1685; Aspire 1685WLCi; Aspire 1685WLM; Aspire 1689; Aspire 1689WLMI; Aspire 1690 ; Aspire 1690LCi; Aspire 1690LMi; Aspire 1690WLCi; Aspire 1690WLMi; Aspire 1691; Aspire 1691LCi; Aspire 1691LMi; Aspire 1691WLCi; Aspire 1691WLM; Aspire 1692; Aspire 1692LMi; Aspire 1692WCLi; Aspire 1692WLMi; Aspire 1693; Aspire 1693WLCi; Aspire 1693WLM; Aspire 1693WLMi; Aspire 1694; Aspire 1694LMi; Aspire 1694WLCi; Aspire 1694WLMi; Aspire 1695; Aspire 1695WLMi; Aspire 3000 ; Aspire 3000LC; Aspire 3000LCi; Aspire 3000LM; Aspire 3000LMi; Aspire 3000WLMi; Aspire 3001; Aspire 3001LC; Aspire 3001W; Aspire 3001WLCi; Aspire 3002; Aspire 3002LC; Aspire 3002LCi; Aspire 3002LM; Aspire 3002NLC; Aspire 3002NLCi; Aspire 3002WLCi; Aspire 3002WLMi; Aspire 3003; Aspire 3003LC; Aspire 3003LCi; Aspire 3003LM; Aspire 3003WLCi; Aspire 3003WLM; Aspire 3004; Aspire 3004WLMi; Aspire 3005 ; Aspire 3005LCi; Aspire 3005WLMi; Aspire 3500 ; Aspire 3500WLCi; Aspire 3500WLMi; Aspire 3502; Aspire 3502LC; Aspire 3502LCi; Aspire 3502LM; Aspire 3502NLCi; Aspire 3502WLC; Aspire 3502WLCi; Aspire 3503; Aspire 3503NWLMi; Aspire 3503WLCi; Aspire 3503WLMi; Aspire 3505 ; Aspire 3505LMi; Aspire 3505WLMi; Aspire 3508; Aspire 3508WLMi; Aspire 3509; Aspire 3509WLMi; Aspire 3510; Aspire 3630; Aspire 5000 ; Aspire 5000WLMi; Aspire 5001; Aspire 5001LCi; Aspire 5001WLCi; Aspire 5001WLMi; Aspire 5002; Aspire 5002LC; Aspire 5002LCi; Aspire 5002LM; Aspire 5002LMi; Aspire 5002NWLMi; Aspire 5002WLCi; Aspire 5002WLM; Aspire 5003; Aspire 5003WLCi; Aspire 5003WLMi; Aspire 5004; Aspire 5004WLCi; Aspire 5004WLMi; Aspire 5005 ; Aspire 5005WLMi; Aspire 5510 ; Aspire 5512; Aspire 5512WLMi; Aspire 5513; Aspire 5513EWLM; Aspire 5513EWLMi; Aspire 5513WLMi; Aspire 5514; Aspire 5514WLMi; Extensa 2300 ; Extensa 2301; Extensa 2301WLMi; Extensa 2303; Extensa 2303LC; Extensa 2303LCi; Extensa 2303LM; Extensa 2303LMi; Extensa 2303WLM; Extensa 2303WLMi; Extensa 2304; Extensa 2304WLM; Extensa 2304WLMi; Extensa 2308; Extensa 2308LCi; Extensa 2308NCLi; Extensa 3000 ; Extensa 3000WLM; Extensa 3000WLMi; Extensa 3001; Extensa 3001LMi; Extensa 3001WLM; Extensa 3001WLMi; Extensa 3002; Extensa 3002LMi; Extensa 3002WLM; Extensa 3002WLMi; Extensa 3003; Extensa 3003WLM; Extensa 3003WLMi; Extensa 4100 ; Extensa 4100WLMi; Extensa 4101; Extensa 4101WLM; Extensa 4101WLMi; Extensa 4102; Extensa 4102WLM; Extensa 4102WLMi; Extensa 4104; Extensa 4104WLM

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Country of OriginChina
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